Monday, October 19, 2015

MALAYSIA is our country

Peace be upon you,

Puisi dicetus ketika pulang ke Perlis 
Disiapkan pula dalam bahasa Inggeris
Menguasai dwibahasa menjadi amalan penulis
Dapat berkongsi penulisan sekadar terlaris

Courtesy has always been our culture
Let us work together for a better future
Helping one another becomes second nature
All Malaysians have their own lustre

Political leaders must have direction
Do not exist just for the election
Exhibit your hard work and dedication
To place Malaysia in a better position

The rakyat are now clever
Malaysians cannot be cheated over and over
Political and corporate leaders cannot be sombre
They must be perceived as someone valuable

Malaysia is forever our country
It has all its glory
Certain people thought it’s just on the contrary
Because they equate everything only with money 

Let’s drive Malaysia to become a great nation
Everyone chips in their contribution
It is not necessary to hold a demonstration
Just be honest and forward a solution 

                             6 Muharam 1437H

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