Monday, November 23, 2015

My Poem for Prophet Muhammad


Prophet  Muhammad’s father was Abdullah,
His mother’s name was Aminah,
He was chosen and honoured as a lover of ALLAH
His words and actions are called sunah

Muhammad performed his solat at Masjidilharam
Those who follow his teachings are called ummah
The Prophet summarized the meaning of Islam
That is believe in ALLAH and istiqamah

Muhammad was the 25th Prophet of ALLAH
His first marriage was to Khadijah
Angel Jibrail guided him to be even
Jibrail had once accompanied him to see the heaven

Haj is performed after umrah
Pilgrims conduct tawaf rituals at Baitullah
At 53 the Prophet had to migrate from Makkah
ALLAH’s grace led him to Madinah

The Prophet created an Islamic nation in Madinah
Masjid Nabawi was built for ibadah
There is a sacred area called Rhaudah
Those who believe in ALLAH and Rasulullah will
insya-ALLAH be in Jannah

Isnin, 11 Safar 1437H

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