Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We can add value to nation



Potong bawang dengan menghiris
Diletak atas piring kaca
Puisi MALAYSIA berbahasa Inggeris
Jika kelapangan jemput baca

Malaysia will continue to be a great nation with contributions from everybody. Let us do something that adds value to the nation.

Ability of Malaysians is plentiful. If we harness their capabilities, the light at the end of the tunnel is certainly very bright.

Love as demonstrated by the majority of citizens towards the country will propel the nation forward and safeguard it from external threats.

You are part of this great nation. Together, we have to think outside the box on how we can help Malaysia move up to the next level. Share our success stories with the outside world.    

Self-respect of our leaders must be taken seriously. Leaders who give false hope or make illogical promises to the people make themselves liabilities to this beloved nation.

Integrity of political and corporate leaders must be intact. Those who are perceived as lacking in trustworthiness or are having dubious character are a setback to the country.

Attitude of expecting something for free without any or minimal effort must not become part of our Malaysian culture. We can get what we want, if we are ready to work hard and fast to get it. 

2 Zulhijah 1436H



  1. Saya berkunjung. Puisinya banyak yang indah

    1. Assalamualaikum saudari Ida Nur Laila,

      Terima kasih kerana sudi berkunjung ke blog saya.

      Membaca akhbar di atas kerusi,
      Hari nya pula elok cuaca,
      Puisi ditulis untuk dikongsi,
      Untuk tatapan para pembaca.

      Allah jua yang memberi idea.


      Hj. Kamaruddin b Hassan
      Shah Alam, Selangor