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Here at Arafah on 9 Zulhijah, Muslims from all over the world gather for the starting of wukuf, the first among the compulsory rituals of the Hajj.

Asking for forgiveness from ALLAH is on the top of the mind for all Hajj pilgrims.

Jot down specific things that you want to ask from ALLAH while at Arafah. The same items can be used at other holy places, such as the vicinity of the Kaabah and Raudhah.  

Just cry and ask anything from ALLAH on this day at Arafah. HE hears you. HE knows what is in your heart.

Islam is the religion of peace. Muslims prove this to the world year after year during the Hajj season.

Spend your time productively while in Arafah. Pray to ALLAH and recite the al-Quran as much as you can afford to.

Arafah was the place where Prophet Muhammad SAW delivered his last sermon on 9 Zulhijah, 10 Hijrah. Among others, he asked Muslims to perform the Hajj if they are capable of doing so.

Relationship between you and ALLAH can be enhanced. Here in Arafah, you pray and ask for forgiveness from HIM over your past sins.

All your efforts and thinking while in Arafah must be concentrated in planning to be a better Muslim after this Hajj.

From the bottom of your heart, pray that ALLAH will place you in heaven in the hereafter.

Another time, you may not be able to be here again in Arafah. Thus, make full use of your presence here. You must be grateful that you become ALLAH’s guest today.

Hajj epitomizes the journey on earth. On this plain of Arafah, you can consider as your nearest relationship with ALLAH

11 Zulhijah 1436H

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